Paul James, 26 years old, has built a stellar reputation in the internet marketing community for providing clear, effective training material that works. His unique methods and strategies have taught numerous people how to make money online, with many of his protégés posting their results publicly.

But life wasn’t always so great for Paul.

Just three short years ago, Paul lived in his brother’s garage. He drove his 1993 Nissan Maxima to work as a part-time cashier job at Walmart, where his wages barely covered food and gas. Life could have been better, far better, and he knew it.
Paul’s strong passion for music kept life interesting – he played guitar in his band, occasionally contributing keyboard and vocals too. In these days, he spent much of his free time promoting his band online to build up a following. One day while browsing the web, he came across a make money online (MMO) ad.

He felt skeptical, but also curious. By this time, Paul had developed considerable computing skills and knowledge – he learned HTML when he was only eight years old – and it made sense to him that he could make money online given his strong background in computing. He bought the product.

Today, he believes it was destiny, because he certainly wasn’t looking for what he found.
It said that to make money online, he should build several small blog websites in different niches, rank them in search engines, and then monetize them with Google Adsense ads. He followed this advice and to his surprise, it started to work – he was making money! Next, he expanded his business footprint by pushing CPA offers through MySpace and marketing for local business owners, helping them rank their businesses in Google (using the same skills he had acquired from ranking his own blogs).
He continued down this path, learning and expanding every day, and before long, business was booming.

A mere three years after living in his brother’s garage, driving his ’93 Nissan Maxima clunker to Walmart, and hoping for something more, Paul had gained something much better – freedom. Paul bought his first home at the young age of 25 and retired the Nissan Maxima in favor of a nicer, more reliable Mercedes-Benz SUV.

Today, Paul has no boss, and works from home on his own schedule. He is grateful to have stumbled upon the ad that eventually enabled him to live life on his own terms. And of course, some things never change – he still loves to play music and write songs.