Milwaukee SEO

Dear Business Owner,

Before I get into sharing with you how a first page ranking in the search engines can increase your monthly revenue, let me share a brief background on who I am and why I’m about to change your business. (for the better)

Not too long ago I was working at a local heating and cooling shop right here in Milwaukee. I got started there at a young age and did miscellaneous things like cut the grass and sweep up the shop. However, in a just a couple years time I went from doing “grunt” work to managing much of the companies daily affairs. I developed a passion for business.

There was one BIG problem though.

You may have never thought about this, but here in Milwaukee, WI when spring and fall roll around, HVAC shops don’t do a whole lot of business. The weather is mild and when people aren’t using their furnace or air, they’re certainly not thinking about getting it serviced. (although they should be) Anyway, it was a big dilemma for the company and I was determined to figure out a way to fix it.

I just so happened to become obsessed with Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing.

I had been researching ways to drum up some business for us and I came across a lot of people talking about how search engine optimization was working really well for their company. I devoted a lot of time into learning and mastering the art of SEO. Lo and behold I finally nailed it. First page rankings for every major keyword and business was booming.

So how did I end up here writing this post for you today instead of working for that heating company?

Well to be honest I went in to the dentist one day to get a cavity filled. Somehow we got around to talking about internet marketing. I showed her what I had done for the company I worked for and she was impressed. Long story short, she hired me to rank her site on the first page of Google too! I had always had a love for computers and SEO now was my way of making a career out of doing something I loved.

How can I help you?

The same way I’ve helped thousands of other business owners. We’re going to get you on page one and along with that comes new customers. Simply put, we’re going to get your phone ringing, or if you have a storefront, people into the door. Now I’m not only an expert at doing SEO, but I also teach it. Which often is way cheaper than actually having me do it for you. I’ve worked with over 25,000 students over the past few years and I’ve won several awards for it too. Don’t take my word for it, google it.

So with that said, let’s work together.

Either let me teach you how you can SEO your site on your own, or pay me to do it for you.

Either way you look at it, it’s a win-win and you get a positive ROI. I guarantee it.

Call me: (414) 765-2879 or even email me if you want

Web site owners in the Milwaukee area that are having a difficult time attracting the amount of traffic they desire should be in the market for conducting business with a Milwaukee SEO consultant or professional. Search Engine Optimization is a vital asset to ensuring the function ability and performance of a web site and is instrumental in driving traffic to the site on a constant and continuous basis. Without the proper methods applied the launching and subsequent longevity of a particular web site could be rather short lived as the site will be listed too low on results pages and go unrecognized.

A strong track record of successfully modifying a company’s web site through the proper procedures is something that should be looked for when deciding which Milwaukee SEO consultant or firm to proceed with. Any professional offering these types of services will undoubtedly have a portfolio and list of satisfied clients along with significant data to support their claims of being worth the investment. Those that are not able to provide sufficient documentation or credentials to back up their claims for success should be approached with caution as there the possibility and risk of being scammed within the industry.

The services the Milwaukee SEO firm or consultant is offering to provide for the client is also an area that should be investigated and researched well. Some firms offer simple over haul procedures for the web site modifying the pages for immediate success while abandoning any long term commitment to the project. It may be necessary to locate one that is willing to take the time to maintain the web site for a specific number of months or years. In fact for larger companies it may be wise to establish a long term commitment with the right firm or company once it has been found.